Information, modern-day gold

The media and scientific publications have had an immense influence on establishing an entrepreneurial environment, transferring theory into practice, mutual networking and spreading innovation for joint progress. One of these messengers of the future is the IRT3000 magazine, which focuses on innovation, development and technologies that help the economy pave the way into the new millennium.

The IRT3000 magazine’s mission is to offer useful and practical solutions that encourage knowledge transfer to the industry. The editorial board and scientific council work hard to include different innovations, accomplishments and good practices into the magazine from advanced technical and other industrial fields. It is regarded as the central source of information and is widely established among industry experts. Their readers include professionals from research institutions, technicians, engineers, businesspeople and many others, including university professors, high school teachers, students and pupils. The latter prepare articles in collaboration with renowned experts, academics, researchers and journalists to be of the highest quality, providing the readers with news, presentations, interviews, scientific breakthroughs and reports from events of a scientific nature.


Industrial forum of innovation, development and technologies

The IRT INDUSTRIAL FORUM is an annual expert event held in Portorož where players in the industry present their achievements and advancements, as well as innovations and innovative solutions, examples of knowledge and experience transfer among industries, the use of new ideas, plans, methods, technologies and tools in a practical environment. The forum encourages an innovative outlook, a developmental orientation and technological excellence in the manufacturing, R&D and educational environments, as they are important factors for success and improving the quality of life. They present innovation and modern technologies and their use based on domestic and foreign experience, which helps to increase the competitive edge of Slovenian manufacturers.

The IRT forum and the IRT3000 magazine support collaboration between companies and research organizations; the magazine’s additional feature is that it connects a variety of segments, thus preserving the rich multidisciplinary contents and encouraging the integration of theoretical knowledge, technologies and industrial fields. Can you read the future yet? Discover more about the IRT3000 magazine at the Feel the Future 2.0 trade fair!

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