Introducing the 2nd annual Feel the Future trade fair for innovative digital solutions

“Slovenia has been positively responding to innovative solutions, which is also reflected in the increased digital transformation of our surroundings. This year’s Feel the Future fair and its topics want to take the next step and provide our visitors with the unique opportunity to see the innovations the future will bring,” said Robert Otorepec, Executive Director of Celjski sejem.

After the success of its first year, the trade fair for innovative digital solutions will be held again in Celje. The 2nd Feel the Future fair will run from 17 to 19 October, bringing together key representatives of the industry from the region and beyond and offering an exciting program. The idea, thought up by Celjski sejem, continues to have the full support of the expert public.

This kind of independent event exclusively dedicated to information technology drawing key players in the field has not been held in Slovenia in over a decade and a half. Representatives of the industry along with the fair organizers are determined to continue their mission to enable Slovenia to live in the future and not remain only an observer. This year’s fair will therefore be dedicated to the increasingly popular artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, connecting generations with a gaming tournament and encouraging startups to dictate digitalisation in the future. “We are very pleased to keep forging these progressive technologies in the Celje region again this year. We are aware of the incredible potential of our domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and their need for a stimulative environment. Digitalization will also influence the everyday lives of regular people, so it is imperative that the entire society takes part in creating and using new contents,” concluded Robert Otorepec.

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