After Nearly a Decade and a Half, a New Digital Solutions Fair, Feel the Future, Hits the Stage

“The subject of digitalization has been spoken and written about quite a lot recently – even in Slovenia. At our new fair, Feel the Future, everyone will have the opportunity to feel with all of their senses, which is surely something that no one can be indifferent to.” – Executive Director of Celje Fair Plc, Robert Otorepec, M.Sc.

After nearly a decade and a half, a new innovative digital solutions fair, Feel the Future, an upgraded fair on information technology, will hit the stage. Between the 19th and 21st of October, 2017, a number of industry representatives both regional and otherwise will gather in one place to serve up a colourful programme. The initiative, which was undertaken by Celje Fair Plc enjoys the widespread support of the expert public.



As of 2003, there have been no informatics fairs or independent events in Slovenia to draw in key actors from the field of informatics and present new ideas and strategies. The entire Adriatic region seems to be stuck in a similar situation. In 13 years, a great deal has changed in this field, particularly in terms of digitalization, which has an ever increasing effect on our daily lives. “This is why we, along with a number of industry representatives, have come to the conclusion that this fair is something we desperately need. We do not wish for the fair to be restricted to Slovenia, though it will be set up regionally, certain elements will also extend globally”, Robert Otorepec adds.

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