Presenting the top 10 start-ups

This year’s iFEEL start-up competition has launched the top ten companies: Eggos d.o.o., GewdGame d.o.o., Inden d.o.o., Omniopti d.o.o., Ortoscale d.o.o., Pinlab d.o.o., Creative Solutions, Simmedia d.o.o., Simbioza Genesis and Zavod Podjem. Read on about their stories and the contents they will be presenting at the 2nd Feel the Future trade fair, opening up new routes to success.


The Eggos team consists of members, who are experts in different fields of knowledge and have more than twenty years of experience in POS software. Their vision is to create user-friendly, simple and unique software and hardware, to include innovative professionals, and to create a successful international business model for development and distribution. They will be presenting EggBOX at the fair: the first mobile “all-in-one” cash register that contains a computer, touchscreen, mobile modem and a built-in printer. It is the perfect portable, innovative, aesthetically perfected cash register that is easy to use in any environment.


GewdGame presents an innovative business model in the world of esports. As opposed to the current conditions promising financial gain only to elite players, the GewdGame team wants to give the opportunity to smaller, less known players. They want to use their tools to support up-and-coming professional players in developing their skills and increase their profits by helping them with offers of services to reliable peers in a safe and secure environment. Their vision is to become the leading global provider of esports talent on the market.


Inden is a team of professionals with degrees ranging from PhDs, M.Sc., and electrical, information and logistics engineers, which gives them an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Inden is presenting innovative solutions for manufacturers, such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), computer aided quality systems and compliance with quality standards in manufacturing (CAQ), warehouse management systems, and solutions on enterprise service buses (ESB). They will be offering plenty of information at the fair on how to begin introducing the concept of industry 4.0 into the production lines for manufacturers.


OmniOpti is the source of knowledge on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and offers clients consulting services and develops specific solutions for them. They offer an advanced solution for route optimization with an emphasis on multicriteria optimization, which offers numerous alternative routes. Classical optimization usually offers distribution companies about 10–30% cost savings, but OmniOpti’s advanced solution offers the optimized solutions an additional 5–15% of kilometres travelled. Visitors will be able to test their program for searching for alternative routes and get their advice on how to improve business processes.


Ortoscale is a young Slovenian high tech information technology company present on the global IT market. The goal of their solutions is to ensure companies to smooth operations. They achieve this with a proactive oversight and using cloud migrations, which allows the client to run their own system in the case of local IT environment failure. Their services are safe, fast, scalable and easy to use.

Pinlab d.o.o.

Pinlab has developed CONTROL+, a product for strengthening companies regardless of their size. The modular approach allows companies to start however they want. Their motto is “Start Small, Start Simple”. They will be presenting their CONTROL+ cloud solution at the fair: a modern and intelligent project tool with a user-friendly interface. They will be demonstrating its functions with a visual presentation, and visitors will also be able to test it out live.

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions connects companies and their clients; they offer quality virtual reality services to companies that want to share their stories through an interactive VR experience. Virtual reality has turned out to be an outstanding marketing medium and Creative Solutions is using its potential to ensure their clients the optimal amount of market exposure. It is also useful for acquiring quality contacts at fairs, presenting the company’s innovative nature and improving brand recognisability.

Simmedia d.o.o.

Simmedia is the first company on the Slovenian market that has combined workouts and an interactive movement visualisation. They have developed their own innovative approach to develop products that boost workout motivation and help increase attendance in sports and fitness centres. They will be presenting the newest version of their Simathlon cycling simulator at the fair, which enables cycling across three different virtual landscapes. It can liven up cycling workouts, while also providing users an understandable analysis of the performed workout, a universal solution at an affordable price that can be adapted for different purposes.

Simbioza Genesis

A social enterprise that focuses on innovative education and promoting digital skills through intergenerational collaboration for an inclusive information society. Their vision is to become the leading voice on intergenerational collaboration and e-literacy; in late 2017, they opened the first innovative intergenerational technology centre for unemployed over 55, called Simbioza BTC City Lab. Visitors can use, test and explore new technology for everyday use and the centre provides innovative digital solutions.

Zavod Podjem

Zavod Podjem is a young start-up offering services and support in the creative design from the first idea, concept, scenario both for the audio-video production on location and in the studio, and the final distribution (publication) of the video-audio or film products. They cater to companies and national institutes with advice and aid in selecting the right solution, prepare the project, get financing, organize learning courses and promotion, while also offering a studio, equipment and team that can be rented. They will be presenting their idea e-Doc vs. Paper at the fair.

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