Simplify logistics, Keep IT Simple 2018!

Discover the most advanced technological and product solutions, exchange experience with experts in transport, traffic, and business logistics. Don’t miss this year’s “Keep IT Simple” conference on logistics and manufacturing on October 18th, which will be adding to all the commotion at the Feel the Future 2.0 trade fair.

We are once again partnering with the Slovenian Logistic Association to bring together all the stakeholders in logistics and to encourage companies’ transformation. Improvements in logistics are only achievable through collaboration between the enterprise sector and educational institutions and by examining good logistic practices in the local and foreign environment.

Keep IT Simple 2018
This year’s Thursday conference, attracting up to 150 participants each year, will focus on middleware and decision support systems. Despite the fact that electronic data exchange is commonplace nowadays and that data middleware systems tend to oversee the effective exchange of data on orders, shipments, deliveries, invoices and returns, Slovenian enterprises are still dealing with challenges regarding other countries. This is because foreign partners follow different standards and solutions, which hinders and impedes the exchange. It also has a detrimental effect on the competitiveness of Slovenian companies. In addition to some specialized tools, a key element of this business world are specialized decision support systems, which take into account the various resources and limitations of each company.

These complex topics will be the conference’s main guidelines, providing opportunities for intense networking and presenting the latest products and services. Keep IT Simple 2018 is geared towards making brands more recognizable and focused on exchanging personal experience, practices and knowledge. Join us at Keep IT Simple 2018!

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