The workout of the future?

Simmedia is the provider of innovative fitness solutions of the future, offering an insight into the future of physical activity, and one of the 10 winners of this year’s iFEEL start-up contest. They will be presenting the Simathlon cycling simulator, an interactive cycling video game that won’t just have you using your hands, but your entire body!

The idea of a cycling simulator arose in the fall of 2016 and slowly developed over time with a team of programmers. The development process profited greatly by useful information contributed by cyclist Marko Baloh and potential future game users. The result is an innovative product that combines an app and a bike trainer or simply an exercise bike.

Communication between the bicycle and the Simathlon game runs along a cadence sensor, which can simply be fastened around the pedal of any bicycle (various exercise bikes, regular bicycles fastened to bike trainers, smart trainers) and an ANT+ USB memory stick you simply connect to your computer. Upon installing the cadence sensor, just run the game and you are ready to cycle along virtual landscapes. The current version of the game allows users to choose between three different virtual landscapes: the first is Logar Valley, the second two are imaginary landscapes, where you can cycle around a lake or along a beach.
The expert team’s future tasks will be to adapt the game to mobile devices and tabs, optimize the game for different user groups, and further simplify the game use, making it accessible and handy for all existing and new users.

Simathlon provides a great entertainment to people in their workouts (additional motivation due to the visualization and the group activity, fun, staying active and healthy physical and psychological well-being), while giving the users an understandable analysis of the performed workout, a universal solution at an affordable price, adaptability of the simulation for different purposes or an individual user group, and ease of use for all generations. The simulator has been gaining in popularity among recreational cyclists, sports enthusiasts, and those who like going to the fitness club. It also has great potential for schools, cycling clubs, retirement communities, companies, and for different cycling and sports-animation social events.

The team will be presenting the latest version of the Simathlon cycling simulator. They will be holding free cycling competitions: they will set up two bike trainers to run the “Assioma Powermeter Challenge” animation. The person who pedals harder will win the three-minute challenge on the virtual bike lane. Spectators will be able to watch the competition and route for their favourites. Come and discover the future of workouts at the Feel the Future 2.0 trade fair.



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